TERMS & CONDITIONS CRUISE SHIPS Rederij Leerdam, hereby mentioned as RL, for Groups, hereby mentioned as PO All our offers and agreements are subject to our Terms and Conditions, which is part of the passenger transport conditions CBRB / VNPR and Terms & conditions for HoReCa. Reservations: Reservations of one of the cruise ships is valid at the time that the client has reserved in writing or by spoken word. The following is a confirmation of RL and follows a first deposit necessary to maintain the reservation (see below 1st term). That is, simply the amount not be simply refunded in case of cancellation. To cover these costs, we advise the PO to at all times to conclude a cancellation provision in RL or your own insurance. The payments must be made in two installments: Immediately after booking the PO will receive a confirmation of RL along with a price list of the estimated total. Prices include VAT, possible printing errors or price changes plus possibly periodic fuel surcharges by rising fuel prices. • 1st installment: Of this 50%, the minimum price the navigation / ship rent charged by means of an invoice. This amount must be paid within 8 days. If not met the due date, RL reserves the right to change the booking as canceled to consider. • 2nd term: within one week after the party, the PO will receive the invoice with the remaining amount. Payment must be made within 8 days of receipt of the invoice. If RL force majeure can not handle the event, all payments will be returned. Optionally RL will, if possible, arrange for another location or ship. RL is not obliged to proceed to any compensation. Cancellation: If canceled up to 8 weeks before the party – First deposit, with the minimum price for the navigation / ship hire; If canceled up to 4 weeks before the party – 75% of the total amount; Cancellation within 4 weeks before the party – 90% of the total amount. Amount of persons: On booking the PO gives a total number of guests (including PO and any entertainers). This number may until four days before the party date change with 10% of the pre-specified number of depart, without additional booking fees. If the final number of guests more than 10% from the originally reserved amount, the difference will be covered by our cancellation (see above). At the appearance of more guests than the specified number, they will be charged. Within four days before the party date, the number of persons may only be amended upwards. The total number should not exceed the number of guests allowed on board the ship. Sailing: -The reserved time of the vessel is stated on the confirmation. The guests, including PO shall follow this and not rather arrive at the boarding time or later than the time of disembarkation on board (unless otherwise agreed in consultation beforehand with RL). -The Departure will only be made after consultation with the host / hostess with the PO or his / her appointed representative. -The Captain reserves the right to modify or cancel the the route when weather conditions or closures of bridges or locks require. -If Due to ice or extreme tides at Linge it serves as a hazard, the event will take place ashore. Above 50% of the price of navigation / ship rent is deducted. Complaints: If the PO considers that RL in any way at fault or not acted entirely in accordance with prior contractual agreements, a complaint can only be made if it is reported during the stay on board with the host / hostess. Decoration: It is not allowed to use confetti and rice. Decoration of the ship is limited and then only after consultation with RL. Damage: All damage to interior by one of the guests is charged to the PO. RL is not responsible for theft or loss of property or personal injury. Children: To ensure the safety of children on board, entering the outer decks is permitted only under supervision. RL can (to be specified in advance) be requested provide life jackets. Animals: Dogs and other pets are not allowed on the inner decks. Catering: Own food and beverage should not be consumed on board. Instructions of the captain and host / hostess should by all guests at all times be followed!