Spring / Blossom package 10.00 am The ship is waiting for you, you will be welcomed with coffee and cake. Once everyone is ready we set sail upstream through the Betuwe!
We pass through Asperen where we sail through the narrow lock at Fort Asperen and thus may see a bit of the Dutch Waterline. Then we will see that Acquoy has its own of tower of Pisa. After the passage through the “the hole of Acquoy”, on your right you see the church of Gellicum just behind the dike. After sailing between the main road between Leerdam and Geldermalsen we pass among the trees by the village Rhenoy. On to the right and to the left we see Rumpt and Beesd. But almost continuously on both the left and on the right bank there are orchards as far as you can look. With the beautiful flowering blossoms or the growing apples, pears, cherries and plums; the jewels of the Betuwe!
At around 12.00 we turn around at the mill called the “Freedom” and sail slowly back to Leerdam. There you can enjoy a delicious buffet consisting of: Various types of brown and wholemeal bread, hard and soft white and brown sandwiches, raisin bread, butter and diet butter, chocolate sprinkles and chocolate spread, peanut butter and jelly, five kinds of meats, two cheeses and we serve a SUPER LARGE XXL CROQUETTE with 2x coffee, tea or a glass of milk. The buffet is replenished as needed. At around 13.00 everybody can order a drink from the “Dutch bar” (beer, soda, local wine, spirits or a juice)
14.00 We arrive back in Leerdam
Price € 35,00 per person