Our regular departure point is located at the edge of the old town of the “Glass City” Leerdam. On departure you have a magnificent view of the harbor, the old city walls and the ‘Royal Leerdam’ Crystal factories. During the downstream trip you will see as soon as we cross the bridge Appeldijkje which connects Leerdam with Heukelum, which can be seen in full blossoms in spring. On the right you can see the pride of Leerdam, the vast complex of the Leerdam glass factories. After passing the spacious villas of the world famous Mr. Copier and the National Glass Museum we pass the Heukelum castle. The village Heukelum itself is characterized by medieval houses directly behind the dike against the sinister place where former criminals were tried. We pass groups of reeds, willows and an almost countless variety of birds before we sail past the former brickworks in Korenwaerd, the old brewery and remnants of the high chimneys. After that we pass through the nature reserve Koernwaard where we find a colony of cormorants on the edge of the huge clay pit with a depth of over 40 meters. A few moments later you see the high embankment of the Dutch Waterline in the distance and the villages of Kedichem, Spijk and Arkel. At cruises of 180 minutes we turn around at Arkel and return to Leerdam. The captain decides the directions based on the length of the canal, the water level and the departure time.