TERMS & CONDITIONS CRUISE SHIPS Rederij Leerdam, hereby mentioned as RL, for Groups, hereby mentioned as GB (Group responsibility) All our offers and agreements are subject to our Terms and Conditions, which is part of the passenger transport conditions CBRB / VNPR and Terms & conditions for HoReCa. Payment must be paid by the TO, unless otherwise agreed in advance in cash at boarding. Cancellation of the reservation: Up to 4 weeks before the reservation without charge, within four weeks before the reservation until 48 hours before departure 50% of the price within 48 hours before the reservation the total amount. However, in consultation. Amount of persons: On the basis of the TO reserved capacity of a ship is being reserved. Up to 24 hours before departure time, the number of people may still be changed. At the appearance of more people than the specified number, they will be charged. However, it is not guaranteed that the package (everything is custom made in addition to the bare cruise price) will also be present for those individuals. This will be the responsibility of the TO. If at departure fewer people show up than reserved, the price for the bare boat trip will not be charged. The price for the package will be charged for these people. Departure: The confirmation received by the TO from RL, contains the boarding and departure times. The TO is supposed to abide them. If under unforeseen circumstances the TO cannot be present at the relevant time, he must report this immediately to notify RL. They will help the TO much as possible to meet them in the changing times, however, he always reserves the right to still leave at the appointed time. -All Cruise packages are wheelchair accessible. It is important to specify the number of wheelchairs in advance so this can be taken into account at embarkation and disembarkation (departure until up to 24 hours). If this number is not properly passed through the TO, RL reserves the right to deny access if there are valid grounds. -The Captain reserves the right to modify or cancel the route when weather conditions or closures of bridges or locks require him to do so. -All Damage to interiors etc. of one of the passenger is charged to the TO. RL is not responsible for theft or loss of property or personal injury. -R Reserves the right to share the booking itself on one of the ships. TO can express a preference and RL will take this into account as much as possible. TO can however never make this claim. -If TO believes RL to some extent, is at fault or not acted entirely in accordance with prior contractual agreements, a complaint can only be made if it is reported during the stay on board at the host / hostess. -To Ensure the safety of children on board, entering the outer decks is permitted only under supervision. -Dogs And other pets are not allowed in the inner decks. Optionally, they stay on the back deck. -Self Brought food and beverage should not be consumed on board. Instructions of the captain and host / hostess should be followed by all persons on board at all times! DIRECTIONS TO THE DEPARTURE POINT, VEERSTOEP 2 IN LEERDAM From Utrecht-Den Bosch: Rijksweg A2 Utrecht-Den Bosch, exit 12 “Everdingen-Leerdam” Follow provincial road N484 in direction of Leerdam, turn right at roundabout before the railway crossing. Turn left at the next roundabout and follow the road. Turn left at 2nd traffic light, and then immediately to the right, over bridge (along EmTe supermarket), and right at the end of the dike. At the top, you can drop off your passenger. In case of a disabled person in your group, you can drive down the left embankment and drop the passengers off at the ship. Then we kindly ask your driver to park the bus or cars in the parking area outside the Glassworks in order to avoid traffic congestion in the city center (from the embankment, straight, provincial road, drive here, park on the left). From Rotterdam/Nijmegen: Rijksweg A15 Rotterdam-Nijmegen, Exit. 29 “Vuren-Leerdam”. Follow provincial road towards Leerdam. Turn right at 1st traffic light, turn right into small bridge (along EmTe supermarket),then turn right at the end of the dike. See above.