General Cancellation Policy. Classification of the conditions per article 1 Definitions 2 Period of validity 3 Contribution 4 Facilitated area 5 Cover of cancellation 6 Maximum refund 7 General exclusions 8 Liability for damage 9 Claims settlement 10 Double Provision 11 Proprietor 12 Expiration right to repayment 13 Address 14 Disputes / Complaints 15 Registration of persons 16 Clause Terrorism Coverage   1. Definitions The following definitions apply: 1.1 RL: De Betuwse Stromen / Rederij Leerdam B.V. 1.2 Customer : The person named on the order confirmation. 1.3 Family: traveling roommates. One customer traveling without roommates is also regarded as a family. 1.4 Travel companion : The partner of the person named on the order confirmation 1.5 Travel: All bookings and payments made for RL 1.6 Fare : The total of all and only by RL made reservations and orders. Costs for transport to or from the place of destination and / or onsite costs incurred by third parties are not included. 1.7 Cancellation fees : Payable (partial) fare and transfer charges in case of cancellation 1.8 Contribution: contribution and costs   2. Period of validity 2.1 The cancellation period is valid from the date of receipt of the signed copy of the order confirmation at the office of RL 2.2 Within the cancellation period rules apply for the cancellation that starts after receipt of the signed order confirmation and ends at the start time of the booked trip listed in the order confirmation   3. Contribution 3.1 Payment: The Customer is obliged to pay the contribution at the same time of the return of the signed order confirmation, through the enclosed advance bill (A-bill). 3.2 Refund: There is no right to a refund unless there is a cancellation of the trip by RL   4. Facilitated area: The cancellation rules apply in the facilitated area mentioned in the order confirmation.   5. Cover of cancellation 5.1 Restitution of already paid Fare is granted when due to an uncertain event referred to in 5.1.1 to 5.1.10. Entitlement to restitution exists for all participants with a maximum as mentioned in 6.1     5.1.1 Death, demonstrable serious illness or serious injury of the client. 5.1.2 Death, demonstrable serious illness or serious injury of family members in the 1st or 2nd degree or housemates of the client.5.1.3 Complications during pregnancy of the customer or partner.5.1.4 Material damage (damage to goods / material objects) of property, rental of the customer or the company where he works, where his presence is urgently required.5.1.5 A medically necessary procedure that the customer, his partner or a child living with him. 5.1.6 Not being able to undertake the tour on medical advice. 5.1.7 It, through no fault of the customer to unexpectedly not obtain a required visa. 5.1.8 (Aggravation of an existing) illness or injury of a family member in 1 st degree, which requires therefore urgent concern of the customer and no one other than the customer can provide this care. 5.1.9 An unexpected or urgent trip abroad on behalf of the company where the customer works. 5.1.10 Shift of the tour to a different date provided that the cause of the shift is beyond the control of the organizer. 5.2 Repayment shall be granted for cancellation due in 5.1.1 to 5.1.10 if happened to said tour sponsor or partner. Right to reimbursement exists for all participants with a maximum as specified in 6.1   6. Maximum refund 6.1 The maximum reimbursement for all participants together shall not exceed the refund for the number of persons listed on the signed order confirmation. 6.2 Repayment shall be granted minus any restitution costs.   7. General exclusions 7.1 No refund will be made if the customer or interested party: 7.1.1 makes an untrue statement and / or provides a misrepresentation. In this case the right to repayment of the entire claim, even for those parts in which no false information was given and / or misrepresentation is given is denied. 7.1.2 is negligent in the fulfillment of any cancellation under this scheme to fulfill its obligation. 7.2. No refund shall be granted for a claim as a result of an event: 7.2.1 directly connected (in) with: – Acts of war, including armed conflict, civil war, rebellion, civil unrest, riots and mutiny. The six forms of acts of war, as well as their definitions, are part of the text, which was filed by the Association of Insurers on November 2, 1981 at the Registry of the District Court in The Hague – Nuclear reaction including any nuclear reaction in which energy is released.  
7.2.2. by or resulting from participating in or committing a crime, or attempted crime 7.2.3 related to a disease disorder or condition by the customer, family members in the 1st or 2nd degree in his family for the period of 3 months for the closing date of the canceled trip and caused complaints. This exclusion only applies if the cancellation is completed no later than 7 days after booking date. 8. Liability for damage 8.1 The client or interested party shall: 8.1.1. do everything reasonably possible to prevent, reduce or mitigate damage 8.1.2. in case of accident or illness seek immediate medical help and take any steps that will promote recovery.

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Other choices or options are possible in agreement. dessertbuffet 3 Dessertbuffet 1 Dessert 6 Dessert 5 Dessert 2 Dessert 8 Dessert 9profiterol 8.1.3 RL to provide all cooperation reasonably requested and truthfully provide information 8.1.4 the show the circumstances that lead to a request for a refund 8.1.5 to submit original receipts 8.1.6 provide assistance in recovery from third parties, possibly by transferring claims, and in providing the necessary permissions. METHOD OF REPORTING 8.2 The Customer or interested party shall: 8.2.1 report the incident after an event cancelling the trip (possible) immediately but no later than three working days to RL 8.2.2 request a refund as soon as possible and no later than 6 months after the event, notifying the RL by sending a completed and signed claim form. 8.3 Notification made by a notification referred to in 8.2.1 and 8.2.2 must also establish the right to reimbursement.   9. Claims settlement The RL is in charge of (performing) arranging repayment, partly on the basis of data and information provided by the customer.   10 “Double Provision” If the cancellation policy did not exist, a claim could be made to benefits under any other insurance, whether or not of an earlier date, or under any law or other provision, this cancellation policy is only valid in the last place. Then the only damage that is eligible for refund is the damage that exceeds the amount to which the customer could claim elsewhere.   11. Proprietor 11.1 Right to a refund exists only for the customer. If the customer dies, that customer is also entitled to reimbursement for the natural person / persons acting as his heir. An heir must always submit a certificate of inheritance.

11.2 Payment will be made to the customer (unless other participants are against, for payment of the allowance made in writing to the RL objection) or in person through whose mediation the cancellation rules runs. 12. Expiration right to repayment If the RL has made a final proposal with respect to a claim made in writing, then any right against the claim made to RL in question after a period of 6 months is made invlad. This period commences on the day when the RL transmits this message.  13. Address Notifications by the RL to the customer is legally e his last at the RL known address or to the address of the person running the cancellation policy and acts as a mediator.   14. Disputes / Complaints Disputes and / or complaints arising from this Agreement may be submitted to: 14.1 the management of De Betuwse Stromen Rederij Leerdam BV, Lepelstraat 5a, 4157 GM Enspijk. This agreement is governed by Dutch law.   15 Registration of persons Personal information is requested when applying for a cancellation / financial service. For the processing of personal data the law on privacy is applicable   16. Clause Terrorism Coverage The Clause Terrorism Coverage by the Dutch Terrorism Risk Reinsurance Company S.A. applies on the cancellation rules. This Clause was sent to you on July 15, 2003 as an annex to a house-to-house letter sent to all addresses in the Netherlands.       CONTRIBUTION CANCELLATION POLICY: 3% of the total sum owed, with a minimum of € 60.00 Administration costs € 10.00