Price € 30,00 per person (25 persons or more) Raw vegetable salad including Cucumber, tomatoes, onions, pickles, bell peppers and various dressings Russian salad with: Slices of ham stuffed with asparagus, assorted cold cuts such pate, turkey, roast beef and finished with fine mayonnaise and eggs, garnished with: tomatoes, onions, lettuce, corn and pickles. Salmon salad topped with: Cooked mussels, mackerel, shrimp, various kinds of fish, herring and smoked salmon Potato salad, luxuriously garnished with cucumber and parsley Well assorted dishes with meat and fish: Marinated pork chops Hamburgers Lamb cuts Chicken satay Shaslicks Drumsticks Fine pork cuts Shrimp Codfish Salmon steaks Side dishes: Various kinds of bread Butter and herb butter Freshly prepared french fries Various hot and cold sauces Excluding drinks