Price € 32,50 per person (25 persons or more) A baguette with herb butter A cup of fresh vegetable soup Raw vegetable salad including Cucumber, tomatoes, onions, pickles, bell peppers and various dressings Russian salad with: Slices of ham stuffed with asparagus, assorted cold cuts such pate, turkey, roast beef and finished with fine mayonnaise and eggs, garnished with: tomatoes, onions, lettuce, corn and pickles. Salmon salad topped with: Cooked mussels, mackerel, shrimp, various kinds of fish, herring and smoked salmon Potato salad, luxuriously garnished with cucumber and parsley Delicious cheese platter with several delicious local and foreign cheeses Superior carved salmon , finely garnished with capers and dill Plates with : -Dutch fresh herring -Eggs – Asparagus rolled in ham – Green beans rolled in smoked bacon – Dutch Shrimp Salad Assorted bread with regular butter and herb butter Hot dishes: Mediterranean seafood platter Delicious ham in mushroom cream sauce Chicken wings Spicy Meatballs Chicken Satay White rice French fries Various kinds of sauces Excluding drinks